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Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring Options


Are you in the market for a new floor? Don't let moisture prevent you from choosing something stylish. Visit Town 'n Country Carpet One Floor & Home in Summerside to check out our selection of waterproof flooring options. We have luxury vinyl flooring and tile flooring on display in our showroom!


Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Luxury vinyl flooring, although it is still relatively new to the industry, has become a popular flooring choice for homeowners. Because of its synthetic construction, luxury vinyl can handle the moisture you see in home settings like kitchens and bathrooms. Moisture will not penetrate the surface, so any spills can be wiped up without long-term consequences. Also, some high-end luxury vinyl floors feature waterproof cores that provide exceptional dimensional stability to every vinyl plank and vinyl tile. The planks and tiles will therefore never expand or contract when exposed to moisture.


Our featured brands: Armstrong - Kraus - Mannington - Beaulieu


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With its synthetic construction, luxury vinyl flooring

is considered waterproof. At the same time, luxury

vinyl is spill and stain resistant. So, it's a perfect

choice for those who want to add the natural looks

of hardwood to kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas with moisture.






Tile Flooring

As you probably already know, tile is a waterproof flooring option. Because of its construction, it can handle virtually any type of moisture, and it also can be sealed to protect against spills and stains. In indoor settings like kitchens and bathrooms, ceramic tile is an appropriate choice, as it remains easy to clean and maintain. For outdoor settings such as patios (and even some commercial settings), we recommend choosing porcelain tile. Porcelain is actually more resistant to moisture than ceramic, so it can handle changing weather conditions without any issues.


Tile is not restricted to floors; it can be installed on walls, backsplashes, and custom showers. Typically, wall, backsplash, and shower tiles are smaller and thinner than floor tiles, but they can withstand moisture and heat.


Our featured brands: Ceramica Uno - Olympia Tile - Elegant Flooring - Centura


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Tile is a traditional and time-tested waterproof

flooring option. It remains the most popular choice

in kitchens and bathrooms, and it also is practical for

basements. Some ultra-durable tile options,

including porcelain tile, are certified for outdoor use.







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